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High Eye Aerial Imaging Testimonials Posted by High Eye Aerial Imaging December 21st, 2017

Fowler Construction


Hi Guys:

Well, looks like you did such a good job; we would like another quote to fly another quarry at our head office. Please reply at your earliest convenience.

Thank you and regards,

Steve Moore

CET | Surveying and Layout Services



Landsproject Inc.

Johnathan & Murray,

Compared to the **Competitor Name** (Base) with High-Eye Drone Topo using 5m DXF Points (Compare) and it’s within 2990 cu.m…amazing! Small Cut anomaly, see the red spot, indicates that a pond now exists where it didn’t before… Fits like a glove!

Jeffrey Lyons,

President Landproject Inc.


Hockley Aggregates

I just want to thank your company for getting a great job done in a timely manner. My experience with your company and the way things went well on site couldn’t have been better. I will gladly give your company a 10 out of 10 and look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Dale Hockley

Owner of Hockley Aggregates


University of Guelph


Dear Mr. Hunt,

The University of Guelph Muck Crops Research Centre in the Holland Marsh engaged the services of High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. to provide aerial crop monitoring for our research project, “Innovative technologies for improved plant health of field vegetables”. The project involves the use of aerial photography to improve the integrated pest management program and assessment of field research plots. The project is sponsored by the Bradford Co-op and both the Co-op and the Fresh Vegetable Growers of Ontario are providing some financial support. This project is funded in part through Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of Growing Forward 2 in Ontario.

The normal and NDVI images provided our researches with a valuable new perspective. Murray Hunt and the High Eye Aerial Imaging team always conducted their operations in a safe and organized manner, and have much to offer with their UAV services at this time. We look forward to our continuing association with High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc.

Mary Ruth McDonald, Ph.D., P. Ag.

Muck Crops Research Station
Professor, Dept. of Plant Agriculture


Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


HighEye Aerial Imaging Inc. provided excellent professional services to our recent crop mapping project in Essa Township of Simcoe County.  This agricultural landscape has many hills and valleys.  It is also has considerable forest cover that affects the line-of-sight for our field mappers on the ground. These factors conspire to make 100% observation of farmland impossible from public access roadways.  Our project required a complete mapping coverage product for the 2014 cropping season.

The HighEye team was able to deploy their team and equipment to capture aerial images where needed with their unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system very efficiently to meet our project needs.  Thanks to their efforts, we quickly augmented our extensive ground-truth observation collection to create a complete 2014 crop map for the Township.  Murray Hunt and his team have much to offer with their UAV services at this time. Their willingness, patience and abilities to meet our project needs in running this mapping experiment made it all come together incredibly well. Thanks to their efforts, we have moved beyond “proof-of-concept” to an operational level for incorporating timely UAV image capture into our agricultural landscape mapping protocols.

Stewart J.Sweeney, Ph.D.
Environmental Management Branch,
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)


Beach Booster


High Eye Aerial Imaging have been valued sponsors and supporters of Beach Booster Sledfest 2014 and Beach Booster’s Inaugural Wasaga Grand Prix!

As the promoter of the event, Beach Booster was very impressed with the level of professional conduct and safety awareness demonstrated by the crew of High Eye Aerial Imaging.

We look forward to working with High Eye Aerial Imaging for many future events.
Check out their great videos of these events on their website, A great local company!

Joe Bickerstaff 

Beach Booster




Tradeshows and Conferences


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