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Training Videos, Toronto

We take HD video for our clients throughout Toronto using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). We prioritize the safety of our personnel, our clients, and the general public when we capture training video footage and ensure the confidence our clients by remaining fully insured in excess of Transport Canada’s requirements.

It is the leading-edge video technology we use that truly makes our solutions unique. We possess eight engine aircraft that can carry varying camera payloads. As we maneuver around the recording site, any footage collected by our UAVs is transmitted in real-time through our flight data recorder.

Plus, when you allow us to record your training video for your upcoming project, you can be in control of where we go and what we record. During the recording session, you can give direction to the camera operator and view the exact images they are seeing through a monitor or video goggles.

Our HD video services are complemented by strict attention to detail and your needs. Please contact us at High Eye Aerial Imaging today for more information about our videoing capabilities.



Training Videos