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Industrial & Commercial Posted by High Eye Aerial Imaging April 13th, 2017

Industrial & Commercial

Gain an aerial perspective of your Industrial or Commercial business and take success to new heights!


Our aerial inspections in Ontario provide valuable information that may not have been available through more traditional methods. We use state-of-the-art technology…

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Training Videos

We prioritize the safety of our personnel, our clients, & the general public when we capture training video footage and ensure the confidence our clients by remaining fully insured.

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Orthographic Mosaic Mapping

If you are in need of HD ortho mosaic images for an upcoming project, we can provide you with high-resolution footage in Ontario.

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 Communication Towers & Wind Turbine Inspection

  • Wind turbine blade inspection allows for detailed inspection of turbine blades with less down time, less equipment cost and better utilization of your personnel, and you get a high definition visual record of the inspection

Roof and Building Inspections

  • We can provide multiple vantage points and get a close enough look to perform detailed building inspections
  • Receive a high definition record of the inspection and whatever issues it revealed
  • Photo Sample Distances of less than a few millimeters

Storage tank & Silo Inspection

  • Get a close-up view of an elevated storage tank without bringing in heavy lifting equipment and tying up your personnel
  •  Receive a digital record of the inspection

Air Quality Monitoring

  • Capable of being fitted with a remote air sampling device, our UAV’s can collect air samples from various altitudes


Industrial & Commercial in Toronto

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