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Aggregates & Mining Posted by High Eye Aerial Imaging December 21st, 2017

Aggregates & Mining

Gain an aerial perspective of your project site and lead your Pit or Quarry towards safety and success!

Orthographic Mosaic Mapping

If you are in need of HD ortho mosaic images for an upcoming project, we can provide you with high-resolution footage in Ontario.

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Digital Elevation Models (D.E.M.)

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate way to collect data for a digital elevation/surface model, turn to us in Ontario.

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Stockpile Volumes

With our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), we are able to gather accurate volumetric calculations for your organization.

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Cut & Fill Quantity Reports

Using traditional, ground-based methods, acquiring data for cut and fill quantities can be time-consuming and costly to your organization.

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Rock Face Survey

If you are looking for a safe and accurate way to collect data for a rock face or quarry wall in Ontario, turn to us at High Eye Arial Imaging.

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This video demonstrations the power of virtual surveying: Combine UAV Orthographic photos and Elevation models to calculate volumes using our advanced photogrammetry CAD software.

With our UAV’s, we are able to provide:

  • 2D & 3D ortho mosaic images
  • Mapping of  remote sites
  • Safely perform aerial surveys (reduce exposure of survey crew to hazardous environments)
  • Volumetric calculations
  • Aerial inspections of areas that are difficult to access
  • Environmental assessment & monitoring images

Aggregates and Mining

High Eye Aerial Imaging provides a number of advantages over ground based data gathering techniques in the field of mining and aggregates. Some examples are:

  • SAFETY— survey crews are not placed in hazardous environment
  • PRODUCTION — no interference from survey crews with production operations
  • FLEXIBILITY— UAVs can be scheduled around your needs

Our services can be utilized for a number of AGGREGATE and MINING applications such as:

  • Land management uses
    • Pre-extraction photos/videos
    • Visual impact studies
    • Environmental assessment imaging
  • Operations
    • Geo references topographic images
    • Inventory management
    • Regular update images
  • Marketing and Promotion
    • Marketing and promotion images of your equipment and properties for your website or print media

Geo referenced images can even be embedded in Google Earth UAV’s offer a number of significant benefits when compared to manned aircraft:

  • Flying at a much lower altitude provides higher resolution images
  • Lower environmental impact
  • We are able to recreate exact flight plan any number of times. This ensures subsequent images can be compared with the original.

Complementary Survey Instruments

UAV’s have become much more capable of being used as complementary survey instruments. These platforms acquire digital aerial images which are processed into elevation and orthophoto coverage. With resolutions of as detailed as 1cm, these data sets show amazing detail. This detail comes with massive amounts of pixels and point clouds. Virtual Surveyor is High Eye Aerial Imaging’s solution to handle large volumes of data that come with UAV True Orthophotos and elevation models by bringing them together in a virtual environment:

  • Fast visualization
  • Drawing break lines and reference points in a 3D environment
  • Perform volume analysis
  • Real-time calculation of elevation contour lines, slopes and slope directions
  • Direct export to CAD and GIS applications

Survey quality

The method of assessing accuracy is based on a point by point analysis. A comparison of the green and red lines in Figure 7 below illustrates this concept. The red line represents a typical profile as would be generated by surveying in the real world a distinct number of terrain points. The green line represents a profile generated in Virtual Surveyor which fully exploits the terrain point density in the virtual model. You will notice that the green line much more closely represents the shape of the actual profile than the red line. This ability in virtual surveying to force profile lines (or areas, for that matter) to “hug” the terrain at specified terrain point density outweighs the disadvantages caused by the random errors in the terrain point positions defining a photogrammetrically generated terrain model. Once features have been captured they can be exported in popular CAD and GIS formats such as dxf or shape files.

Volume Analysis

Virtual Surveyor allows you to use all points in a UAV elevation model to perform a volume calculation. You delineate the area of which you want to determine the volume and the software performs an accurate calculation in a fast way. You can also calculate volume differences incorporating all the data points available if you have UAV elevation models acquired at different times available.

Fast visualization

UAV True Ortho photos and elevation models are large files that impose specific requirements on your software and hardware. Virtual Surveyor handles visualization in such a way that any file size or resolution is handled in an efficient way. You will get a seamless navigation through your terrain. Virtual Surveyor uses the TerraExplorer visualization engine to achieve this fast visualization.

Applications & Benefits

  • Build a virtual model of your quarry using an unmanned aerial system
  • Create a complete survey plan with Virtual Surveyor software
  • Measure volumes and volume differences in a few mouse clicks
  • Identify break lines and slopes in the virtual environment
  • Use an UAV True Orthophoto as a base map of your quarry
  • Collect millions of elevation points in one campaign
  • ‘Access’ dangerous and unstable places in a safe way by using Virtual Surveyor software

Virtual surveying is not applicable to the entire spectrum of survey jobs but has a clear number of benefits when applied to the appropriate project. It is the safest way to acquire data in dangerous environments such as mine pits, along unstable slopes or in vehicle traffic. And in case an item was overlooked, the virtual world can always be called up again to complete or correct the survey.



Aggregates & Mining in Toronto

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