Why Drone Photography is the Right Choice for the Civil/Environmental Engineering Industry | High Eye Aerial Imaging

Civil/Environmental EngineeringAs a civil/environmental engineering professional, there are many methods you can use to collect images and data for the projects you have in progress. However, if you have yet to implement aerial photography, photogrammetry, and surveying into your operations, there are many benefits associated with doing so. These include some of the following:

  • Improve safety—When you need to survey hazardous areas for a civil/environmental engineering project and you have minimal ground access, aerial photography can be a viable and safe alternative. This is because data can be collected rapidly and in a manner that does not require your team to compromise safety.
  • Save time—If you have a large plot of land or project site you need to survey quickly, our crews can employ technology that allows you to start collecting information almost instantaneously.
  • Acquire better information—With aerial photogrammetry, you can combine vertical and oblique images with accurate topographic data. Additionally, the images our crews collect for your civil/environmental engineering project can be used for effective volumetric analysis and digital terrain modelling.
  • Better decision making—When you have data collected using traditional methods, it can be difficult to make inferences from it if it is limited in its detail. Comparatively, aerial images can lend themselves to better decision making, since they are often more detailed and up-to-date.