What Types of Aerial Images Can be Used in the Construction/Landscape Industries? | High Eye Aerial Imaging

Construction/LandscapeIn the world of aerial photography, the images collected by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can be used for a variety of different purposes in the construction/landscape industry. If you work in the construction/landscape industry and you are curious about what types of images our team at High Eye Aerial Imaging can collect for your organization, here is a brief introduction of what is involved in our services.

  • Timeline Progress Images- As your construction project progresses, we can take photos of your project site, so you can accurately track its progress. Our ability to record and save any flight plan allows us to return to the same position again and again, so your project is tracked from the same location. 
  • Final Completion Photos- After you finish a construction/landscape project, an image documenting the work you completed can be a valuable asset in many situations. For example, if you need to submit a claim for a warranty or one for damages, you can use aerial images as evidence. 
  • Pre-Construction/Bidding Images- During the bidding stage of a construction project, the aerial images we collect for you can provide the estimator with an excellent overview of the project. At this stage, these images can also be used to identify features that are not ordinarily seen from the ground.

Although aerial photography is often used in the construction/landscape industry for project purposes, keep in mind that it has other uses for your organization, as well. For example, with our services, we can collect aerial images that can be used for promotional material or footage that can help your organization streamline its operations.