Unique Ways to Use Drones for Real Estate and Development Projects | High Eye Aerial Imaging

Real Estate and Development
Drones have proven useful for various aspects of commercial real estate and development projects. From conception to closing the deal, it’s a good idea to use drones every step of the way. With the right plan in place, drones can help you make more money and ensure that you have a practical development plan in motion. Let’s look at some of the best ways to utilize drones during real estate and development projects.

  • Look at Nearby Amenities- In the world of commercial real estate, the property itself often isn’t enough. Drones give you the chance to showcase nearby amenities. You can offer a fly-by of your real estate and development projects. Let potential buyers see what else the area has to offer right there on the video screen. This will make properties look much more attractive.
  • View Traffic Patterns- Traffic patterns are important during construction. They also play a role during the sale of the property. You can use drones to view the traffic patterns for various times of day. This will help with everything from getting your construction crews in and out in the most efficient way possible to giving potential buyers insight into how their days would look if they bought the property.
  • Give Virtual Tours- Virtual reality is all the rage right now, and you can use drones to give virtual tours of your real estate and development projects. Commercial properties are often too large for complete walk-throughs, so let your potential buyers sit back and watch as you take them through guided virtual tours.

These are just a few of your countless options for using drones. If you want to find out how to put a plan into action, let our team at High Eye Aerial Imaging help. We have the tools, technology, and experience necessary to get your plan off the ground.