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UAV_resizedWritten by Johnathan Smeh, UAV Mission Control and GIS Technician
High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc.

Development of a construction site from start to finish demands more than sound design, engineering, and planning. When assessing a new project site, it can occasionally be difficult to envision what the final product will look like and how to get there efficiently; determining where features start and end, how it will conform and use the natural landscape to its advantage, or where areas of issue may arise if not properly accounted for, are all necessary questions an engineer must answer.

Any veteran contractor knows it is always better to try and work with what you have than to push for an unrealistic vision of perfection. High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. recently surveyed a site for a future industrial park in Aurora, Ontario. The original plans had a very sound design, everything accounted for and to code. The only issue was it was very costly, as it worked against the natural terrain. Although the site had been relatively changed since the original survey, it had been a few years since it was performed, and the need for a newer data set was necessary. High Eye Aerial Imaging was called in to perform a new, up-to-date survey and gather imagery of the site. The engineering firm then received their newly updated D.E.M. and orthographic mosaic of the location from the aerial data within a few days.

Prior to the new UAV survey, the firm’s engineers only had the old survey and outdated Google Earth imagery to help them understand the topography of the site and surrounding area. By combining the new visual imagery within the provided CAD 1m x 1m point grid DXF, the engineers were able to better understand the natural landscape and get a thorough understanding of the ambient topography (brush, water, or low areas vs. piles, junk heaps, forested areas). With this information, they determined that by shifting where the main road entered and navigated throughout the site, they could utilize the natural slopes and green space more efficiently, and thus save themselves millions of dollars in now-unnecessary earth work, all while maintaining the proper code and design criteria needed for approval.

Sometimes a small coax in the right place can get the same result as a large one in the wrong spot. UAV data collection is not only fast, reliable, and more complete; it also serves as a big-picture mechanism. It will allow those within your organization have a better understanding of how, where, and what needs to be accomplished (even those with little technical know-how).

UAVs simply provide a number of advantages over ground-based data-gathering techniques in the field. A contractor can easily obtain higher definition and detail, while maintaining safety, production, flexibility on site, and also provide marketing and promotional benefits.

High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. specializes in low-altitude, HD aerial imaging, video, and mapping services. We operate two-state-of-the art Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems: an Octo Copter for video and HD photography, and a Fixed Wing, long endurance UAV for larger mapping and surveying projects. We offer a cost-effective alternative to manned aircraft for a variety of applications in the fields of construction and engineering, aggregates and mining, as well as environmental and agriculture monitoring.

For more information as to how to improve and expand the data of your next survey, stockpile, cut/fill plan without incurring additional costs, please contact:

Johnathan Smeh

UAV Mission Control and GIS Technician