Three Myths about Aerial Photography and How They Apply to Our Aerial Service Industries | High Eye Aerial Imaging

Aerial Service IndustriesIn recent years, aerial photography has exploded, and the number of aerial service industries we work with here at High Eye Aerial Imaging has expanded greatly. Despite the growing popularity of aerial photography and videography, many myths about both of these footage collection options still exist. Here are a few of the most common myths we hear from people in a variety of different aerial service industries, and why they aren’t true.

Myth #1: UAVS are Easy to Fly

Although toy “drones” used for recreation are relatively easy and fun to fly, the professional grade Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and the missions we fly, can be complicated. For this reason, our professionals must participate in extensive training and acquire a variety of qualifications before they are allowed to operate a UAV. For example, all of our personnel must hold either a pilot permit issued by Transport Canada or a Civil and Commercial UAV Training Certificate.

Myth #2: Good Footage Can Only be Collected in Exotic Places

One of the main benefits of aerial photography is its inherent ability to provide a unique perspective of otherwise ordinary locations. Due to this, those we work with from a wide range of aerial service industries are able to benefit from our aerial photography and videography services.

Myth #3: UAVs Can Fly Anywhere

With the safety of all airspace users in mind, Transport Canada has enacted many regulations regarding where UAVs are permitted to fly and where they are not able to. We strictly adhere to these regulations in order to preserve the safety of the public, our clients, and our personnel.