Alta Vista Ventures Signs Agreement to Purchase Our Company | High Eye Aerial Imaging

Alta VenturesAt High Eye Aerial Imaging, we proudly serve Ontario as the area’s source for unmanned aerial vehicle surveying, providing mapping of remote sites, aerial surveys, volumetric calculations, digital elevation modeling, and many other services. This year, Alta Vista Ventures Ltd. took an interest in our operations and signed an agreement to purchase our company. Alta Vista will eventually absorb our standard practices and operations completely, key personnel have signed one-year agreements committing to remain on and help with the merger, as well as to ensure continued high standards of operations.

Alta Vista will then be operating as a multi-faceted UAV conglomerate that delivers services through two wholly owned subsidiaries. Each of these subsidiaries will be run by their current industry experts, and they have plans to expand into the UAV market further with the combined help of their diversified UAV teams.

Alta Vista plans to set itself up as a national leader within the UAV industry after purchasing our own and other highly developed UAV service operations. If you would like to know more about Alta Vista’s recent purchase and how it will affect High Eye Aerial Imaging, please feel free to reach out to us.