Aggregates and Mining – The Value of Aerial Scanning | High Eye Aerial Imaging

Aggregates and Mining
If you’re involved in aggregates and mining, you’ve likely asked yourself if aerial scanning is worth it. Before discounting this method, look at the benefits. Then, you will see why so many people involved in aggregates and mining use aerial scanning.

  • Inexpensive Asset Tracking- Asset tracking is essential when running a mine. Unfortunately, it can be expensive and difficult under certain circumstances. Make it more affordable and easier by using aerial scanning. UAV technology allows you to get in and out quickly and easily, minimizing cost while tracking assets.
  • Improved Safety- Mining brings about serious safety concerns. One of the biggest issues is that you often don’t know what is around the corner. Aerial scanning alleviates those concerns by letting you scan the area before you send people inside. You can monitor the area ahead of time so there are not any surprises. This will cut down on serious problems that occur when people are inside the mine. Safety should be a priority of every job that you take on, which is why aerial scanning should be a part of your plan.
  • Long-Term Record Keeping- Long-term record keeping is a major asset in the aggregates and mining industry. By using aerial scanning, you can get a historical record of the mine from one month to the next. Then, you can compare the records to see how the mine has changed over time. This can prove to be invaluable information.

It’s easy to see why aerial scanning plays an important role in the aggregates and mining industry. Contact us at High Eye Aerial Imaging to find out how we can help you get the images you need for your next job.