The Increasing Usage of UAV’s in Construction | High Eye Aerial Imaging

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The faster you can obtain imagery of your construction site in a safe and reliable fashion, the better the project will go. Rather than hiring helicopters or planes to make passes over the location on an ongoing basis (which can quickly lead to higher expenses) construction professionals are increasingly turning to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) to get the job done in a more comprehensive fashion. Construction professionals are finding they can use UAV’s to navigate over the construction site as well as hover in one location to provide real-time observations and recordings—and it’s changing how they operate.

Better Surveillance, Improved Safety

High Res Inspection

Drones are suitable for taking over tasks traditionally done on the ground during surveying. Instead of relying on people walking and driving around the area when conducting your initial surveys, you can speed up the effort by sending out UAV’s. Even in the real estate industry, many predict that drones will become commonplace with inspectors doing their jobs, eliminating the need to get up on a ladder to check out the roof, and with agents finding new ways to market their properties.

A drone is more efficient at obtaining the dimensions of a proposed site, and can help determine height restrictions to take into account before construction as well as to identify how many access points that are available. In particular, the surrounding area might be too difficult or dangerous to traverse by automobiles, let alone heavy equipment, meaning UAV’s are the best or only way to get a proper view.

Keeping Tabs on Progress for Clients

Busy clients often don’t have time to visit the construction site as often as they’d like, which means that providing clear footage from above on a routine basis will help to keep them in the loop. Drones are able to show progress at a significantly lower cost than other means, and can give everyone involved an accurate portrayal of where things stand, something that has been difficult for construction companies in the past.

Digital Modeling for a Virtual View of the Site

0.25m Contour Maps

At the University of Toronto’s Civil and Mineral Engineering Department, researchers are investigating the use of UAV’s in facilitating the construction of tall buildings. Developing digital models of the construction site helps all participants work together. The Building Tall Research Group reached accuracy rates approaching 95% in detecting the state of progress at a site. The progress results feed into 4D building information models, with color coding of different components used to help various construction team members see the status in their area.

Deploying UAV’s in your next construction project will give you a number of advantages, including a better return on investment and the ability to gather vital information more efficiently. Efficiency begins from the time you start pre-planning to the point where you need ongoing inspections for safety and to ensure the effort is on track. If you are new to using UAV’s and would like some assistance from knowledgeable professionals, the team at High Eye Aerial Imaging is standing by to help.


Article By: Justin Havre