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Why Choose Us

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Keeping You in Charge

High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. is committed to providing high quality aerial images from a unique perspective that cannot be captured by full sized, manned aircraft. You have the option to view the camera operator’s monitor and direct the shots you want. If you require additional images from the same position at a later date, we can return to the exact point to capture additional images.


Safety First

The safety of the public, our clients and our personnel are extremely important to us. Our pilots are prohibited from flying a UAV over people on the ground, or any structure that is not the subject of the operation. Our flight operations crew has also received mandatory system training including written emergency procedures.

For the protection of our customers and staff, High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. operates under strict safety requirements. Each flight is preceded by a safety briefing and a series of detailed pre-flight safety and equipment checks.

Our company is fully insured in excess of Transport Canada’s requirements and our operations adhere to Transport Canada regulations. We hold a Special Flight Operations Certificate issued by Transport Canada for commercial flight operations throughout Ontario.

Protect your survey crews, by utilizing UAVs for obtaining survey data. Crew exposure to hazardous construction, and mine sites is minimized.


Liability Insurance

High Eye Aerial Imaging is fully insured for commercial aerial operations, maintaining a $3 million liability insurance policy.


Transport Canada Certified Flight Operations

All UAV’s used by High Eye Aerial Imaging are classified as a UAV as defined in the Canadian Air Regulations (CARS) section 101.01. Section 602.41 of the CARS states that no person shall operate a UAV in flight without a Special Flight Operation Certificate issued by Transport Canada. Our company operations are conducted within the requirements of the CARS and Transport Canada Special Flight Operations Certifications.


Crew Qualifications

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The Crew

All High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. personnel involved in flight operations hold the following qualifications:

  • Aeronautical training and certification to Transport Canada standards
  • Holds either a Pilot permit issued by Transport Canada, or a Civil and Commercial UAV Training Certificate, issued by CCUVS
  • Holds a “Restricted Operator Aeronautical” Radio Licence (ROC-A) issued by Industry Canada