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Our Aerial Equipment

We Operate Various Unmanned Aerial Vehicles To Better Suit Your Needs!

Like any good tradesman, we at High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. know the importance of the right tool for the job! That is why we utilize several types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV, Drone, etc.) to better suit the purpose of the job. Our fleet contains everything from Quad Copters, Octo Copters and Fixed Wing UAV’s – with more on the way! Indeed, the UAV’s are the means to an end, which is to collect various data types from perspectives and altitudes which they are designed to operate. From years of experience we have developed these systems and workflows which maximize our team and equipment’s, efficiency, safety, and product quality. Additionally, our video transmitter provides video signal in real time to the camera operator’s monitor or video goggles – get the live perspective and let us know how or what to capture next!


Multi Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

The newest additions to the family! We have recently added several Phantom 3 Professionals to our fleet to assist on various light payload, low flight time data collection missions. Perfect for real estate shoots, inspection or other video projects requiring 4K resolution or higher. With the addition of a custom NDVI camera, it also is the perfect fit for our University of Guelph Muck Crop Research Program. A very user friendly platform, The Phantom 3 Professional with NDVI camera is the perfect choice for the research team at the Holland Marsh. Under High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. supervision, training, management, insurance, and regulating, the Professors are now empowered to operate they platforms themselves, whenever they wish!


DJI Inspire

Acquired during out acquisition, the DJI Inspire provides cinema quality Zunemuse X5R RAW camera, Zunemuse Z3 30x zoom camera, and several other advanced systems which provide one of the most reliable filming platforms available. With medium length flight times, the Inspire is a versatile UAV – although the majority of its applications revolve around video capture.


Micro Kopter Cinestar 8

This “Jack of all Trades” machine performs well at various data collection missions, and is not specifically designed for anyone. The CineStar 8 is a multi rotor, constructed with carbon fiber material and holds an eight engines. The CineStar 8 can be used for a variety of services including photography, videography, surveying, mapping inspection and promotions. This is due to the custom gimbal system which we can developed – allowing for various cameras to be swapped in or out:

  • A Sony CX760 records in stabilized HD
  • Dual Kodak SP360 4K Cameras – for VR videos
  • A modified Vegetation Index Camera is used for NDVI Imaging

Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Quest UAV


The Quest Q-Pod UAV is a fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle. It has a single engine flying wing design with a 2 meter wingspan and can penetrate wind in excess of 50 km per hour. The Quest UAV is capable of multiple payloads up to 2 kilograms and its gimbal camera mount helps to ensure image quality. This UAV is great for longer flights as it is capable of fully autonomous flights up to an hour in length. Fully autonomous flight plans for aerial mapping and surveying missions ensure complete image coverage of planned area.

The QUEST UAV is capable of several camera options:

  • A  Sony NEX-7 is used for HD orthographic images (Topographic mapping, Stockpile Volumes, Orthomosaics)
  • A modified NEX-7 Vegetation Index Camera is used for NDVI Imaging
  • Future payload options will include heat sensitive thermal imaging

The Quest from HIGH EYE AERIAL IMAGING on Vimeo