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About High Eye Aerial Imaging, Ontario

Cost-effective Aerial Imaging Services that are used in a variety of industries including: Aggregates and Mining, Construction and Engineering, Agriculture and Environmental, and more!

Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to manned aircraft that can meet your organization’s aerial imaging and videography needs? If so, turn to us at High Eye Aerial Imaging. Our company provides a variety of imaging options including: 3D and 2D Orthograhic mosaics, Aerial surveying, DEM & DSM images, aerial photogrammetry, inspections, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and CAD maps, and HD videos and photos.

We serve organizations in many different fields, including Aggregates and Mining, Landscaping and Environmental, Civil Construction and Engineering, and many more. When you take advantage of our services, we work directly with your needs in order to provide you with images and remote data that is compatible with your workflow and standards. We provide a live video feed from the prospective of the UAV, which will allow you to inform the camera operator exactly the angle or shot you are looking to capture.

Although our primary operation area is Southern Ontario, we provide our services in nearly any area due to the versatility and transportable nature of our equipment. We can capture vibrant images and video wherever you need us to, so long as the weather is acceptable for safe operations!

We are committed to providing you with quality aerial images from a unique perspective. Please contact us at High Eye Aerial Imaging today for more information about our services and our leading technology and equipment.


What we do – Aerial Photography and Video Services

High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc specializes in low altitude, high definition aerial imaging services, including aerial photography and aerial videography. We operate Three state of the art Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems: A Octo Copter VTOL system for inspection and volume reports, A DJI Inspire for HD video and photography, and a fixed wing Quest UAV for long endurance and larger surveying projects.

High Eye Aerial Imaging offers a cost effective alternative to manned aircraft for a variety of applications in the fields of engineering, construction, aggregates and mining, environmental planning and monitoring, agriculture, forestry, and inspection.

Our company is equipped to provide a variety of imaging options including 2D and 3D Ortho mosaics, DEM & DSM (Digital Elevation & Surface Models), aerial surveying, geographically referenced mapping, aerial photogrammetry, aerial topographical mapping, low angle obliques, and HD aerial photos and video from any angle. We are happy to work with your technicians to provide images that are compatible with your GIS and CAD systems.

High Eye’s working height ranges from head height to approximately 400 feet above ground, providing a perspective that is unattainable with conventional manned aircraft. In addition, we can capture the image you are looking for and provide either unedited photo or video footage, or completed video productions.


We are located in Wasaga Beach Ontario, on the south shore of Georgian Bay.

Our primary operation area is Southern Ontario, however our equipment is versatile and easily transported, which allows us to go where ever you want us to go!


Whenever you want! Providing the weather is acceptable for safe operations.

We are fully Certified Operators recognized by Transport Canada.

The only stipulation is if the flight zone is within 3 nautical miles of an aerodrome, we must provide a NOTAM 48 hours prior to operations.


With two state of the art, remote controlled aerial platforms that are loaded with leading edge technology, including GPS positioning, Auto pilot, Nav system, Brushless gimbal, and HD RGB and NDVI Cameras. Our systems capabilities allow us to set the exact position and altitude you want images to be captured from, with the ability to return to that same location and flight during our next visit.

The UAV pilot controls the flight of the UAV and monitors the pre-programed flight path to ensure that the Auto Pilot information is correct. Flight information (airspeed, altitude, compass heading, power consumption, etc.) is transmitted directly to a computer screen monitored by the Co-pilot.

The video camera functions are also controlled by the payload operator. The operator can view what the camera is capturing through a direct streaming video link to a separate monitor, or through first person video goggles.

The best part – you can be the director! You can view the same image as the camera operator (using the video googles or the monitor), maintaining a safe distance from the UAV. You can then direct the camera operator to capture the exact image or area of interest you want.


The Crew

Murray Hunt: President / Chief UAV Pilot




  • Over 30 years in Heavy Civil Construction industry in a supervisory and management role
  • Lifelong passion for aviation


  • Ultra-light Aeroplane Pilot Permit
  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (ROC-A) Issued by Industry Canada
  • Civil and Commercial UAS Certificate issued by Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems
  • QuestUAV Manufacturer’s Pilot/Commander Training


Johnathan Smeh: Mission Control & GIS Technician



  • Grew up in South Georgian Bay
  • Interest in Virtual 3D mapping and Surveying


  • B.A. in Geography
  • Experienced with Agisoft, Arcmaps, and other GIS photogrammetry related programs
  • Student Pilot permit
  • ROC-A Aeronautical Radio Operator Licence


Julie Hunt: UAV Pilot & Mission Control




  • Long-time interest in photography
  • Lifelong resident in Southern Georgian Bay area
  • Many years in the service industry


  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (ROC-A) Issued by Industry Canada
  • Civil and Commercial UAS Certificate issued by Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems