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High Eye Aerial Imaging provides a number of advantages over ground-based data gathering techniques including safety, efficiency, and flexibility. Our services can be utilized for a number of aggregate and mining applications; Stockpile Volumes, Cut and Fill, D.E.M.’s, Topographic Maps, and more.

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Aerial Survey

High Eye Aerial Imaging provides a variety of geo mapping and aerial surveying services in Ontario, including geo-referenced Orthomosaics and Digital Elevation Models. We offer an innovative service that captures high-definition aerial images, which can then be uploaded and processed through a web-based interface. When using Ground Control Points (GCP), we can achieve sub-meter absolute accuracy.

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Gain an aerial perspective of your project site and lead your next civil & environmental engineering project to success! To capture the right images for civil & environmental engineering firms, we employ state-of-the-art, remote controlled aerial platforms that contain many types of cutting-edge technology.

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High Eye Aerial Imaging is at the leading edge of UAV applications in agriculture, and is the only provider in Ontario to offer both Multi Rotor VTOL, and Fixed Wing UAVs. This allows us to operate in both smaller, confined fields, as well as larger ones.

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Aerial Photography

Aerial photography can provide stunning, unique views of project sites, real estate developments, existing buildings, and other sites of virtually any size and scope. If you are interested in exploring the benefits aerial photography can provide for your next project, reach out to us at High Eye Aerial Imaging.

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Aerial Videography

Our aerial videography services in Ontario are complemented by state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to serve you better. With aerial videography, you can capture a one-of-a-kind view, deliver a different perspective, and enhance your story, and we are here to help you do it.

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About Us

Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to manned aircraft that can meet your organization’s aerial imaging and videography needs? If so, turn to us at High Eye Aerial Imaging. Our company provides a variety of imaging options, including 3D and 2D ortho mosaics, aerial surveying, DEM & DSM CAD Topos, aerial photogrammetry, low angle obliques, GIS mapping, and HD videos and photos from the perfect angle!

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We offer a full range of UAV aerial services. Our focus is aerial surveying and mapping, and we can also provide high definition aerial photography and videography.

Our services can meet your needs for aerial photography, aerial surveys, inspections, investigations, monitoring and aerial videography throughout Ontario.

featured   High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc specializes in low altitude, high definition aerial imaging services, including aerial photography and aerial videography. We operate two state of the art Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems: a multi rotor VTOL system for video and HD photography, and a fixed wing, long endurance UAV for larger mapping and surveying projects.   High Eye Aerial Imaging offers a cost effective alternative to manned aircraft for a variety of applications in the fields of engineering, construction, aggregates and mining, environmental planning and monitoring, agriculture, forestry, and archeology. We also provide general photo and video services.

Aerial Services

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography can provide you with unique images that manned aircraft are incapable of obtaining.

Aerial Videography

Our aerial videography services are complemented by state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to serve you better.

Aerial Survey

High Eye Aerial Imaging offers accurate geospatial mapping solutions generated from 2D aerial imagery.


Our aerial inspections provide valuable information that may not have been available through more traditional methods.

HD Ortho Mosaic Images

If you are in need of HD ortho mosaic images, we can provide you with high-resolution footage.

HD Video

We can collect HD video footage for your organization in Ontario using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Cut/Fill Quantity Analysis

Let us help you acquire accurate data the next time you need to perform a cut/fill quantity analysis in Ontario.

Construction Images & Video

The pre-construction images/video we collect for your organization can serve many different purposes.

About High Eye Aerial Imaging INC.

At High Eye Aerial Imaging, we offer a full range of high definition aerial imaging services, which include aerial surveying and mapping, inspections, investigations, monitoring, aerial videography and aerial photography. We operate two state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems, a multi-rotor VTOL system for smaller aerial surveying and mapping projects, HD videography and aerial photography, and a long endurance, fixed wing UAV for larger surveying and mapping projects. Our aerial imaging services, which are a cost-effective alternative to using manned aircraft, can be used for numerous applications in the fields of aggregates and mining, environmental planning and monitoring, archeology, engineering, construction, forestry, agriculture, and more.

Whenever we are presented with a project, we employ remote controlled, innovative aerial platforms that capitalize on leading edge technology, such as enhanced GPS positioning and autopilot capabilities. This allows us to set the exact position and altitude you want your images to be captured from. High Eye Aerial Imaging is certified by Transport Canada for commercial UAV operation throughout the province of Ontario. In addition, for the protection of our clients, we are fully insured in excess of Transport Canada’s requirements. For more information about our leading-edge technology and high definition aerial imaging services, please reach out to us at High Eye Aerial Imaging today. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the quality of our images and the level of service and attention to detail exhibited by our professionals.

What Our Clients Say

High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. delivered traditional and eNDVI images providing our researchers with a valuable new perspective. We are able to increase efficiency within the fields by identifying issues sooner before they develop. Murray Hunt and the High Eye Aerial Imaging team always conducted their operations in a safe and organized manner, and have much to offer with their UAV services at this time. We look forward to our continuing association with High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc.
Mary Ruth McDonald - Holland Marsh Muck Crops Research Station

HighEye Aerial Imaging Inc. provided excellent professional services to our recent crop mapping project in Essa Township of Simcoe County.  This agricultural landscape has many hills and valleys.  It is also has considerable forest cover that affects the line-of-sight for our field mappers on the ground. These factors conspire to make 100% observation of farmland impossible from public access roadways.  Our project required a complete mapping coverage product for the 2014 cropping season.
Stewart J.Sweeney – OMAFRA, Environmental Management Branch

High Eye Aerial Imaging have been valued sponsors and supporters of Beach Booster Sledfest 2014 and Beach Booster’s Inaugural Wasaga Grand Prix! As the promoter of the event, Beach Booster was very impressed with the level of professional conduct and safety awareness demonstrated by the crew of High Eye Aerial Imaging. We look forward to working with High Eye Aerial Imaging for many future events. Check out their great videos of these events on their website.
Joe Bickerstaff – Beach Booster


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